Matthew Kaundart, Director/Editor
Tim Grover, Cinematographer
Young G. Kim, Cinematographer
Calder Greenwood, Featured Artist
James Regan, Music
Andrew John Lee, Sound Design
Chris Zeischegg, Color
Young G. Kim, Color
Farida Amar, Design
Jeremy Frye, Design
Luka Fisher, Producer

Special thanks to Maria Scileppi, Karen Oliveros and Jeremy Eichenbaum of 72U as well as Tiffany Naiman, Ben Wiley, Alexis Justman, Anne Petrokubi, Amber Pietrzyk for their help with production.

The Cardboard Artist

Los Angeles, California, June 2015

The Cardboard Artist is a short documentary about Calder Greenwood, an LA-based street artist who creates elaborate cardboard and papier-mâché installations. By exploring the ephemeral and coming to know one of its creators, this film reveals how there is great beauty in realizing some things must come to an end.