Bradley Wilder, Director
Ashley Robicheaux, Performance
Kyla Carter, Performance
Lorrin Brubaker, Performance
Nana Yaa Asare Boadu, Performance
Bradley Wilder, Composer
Farida Amar, Executive Producer
Milana Burdette, Producer
Andru Perez, Stylist
Daron Bell, Choreographer

Lincoln Heights Jail (Super8)

Los Angeles, California, June 2021

Walk down 19th Avenue, along the Los Angeles River, and the Lincoln Heights Jail looms. Built in 1927 during the peak of the Art Deco movement in Los Angeles, the city was filled with sweeping visions of modernism and progress. But ultra-modern exteriors like that of the Lincoln Heights Jail hid less-than-progressive ideas. Though designed to hold a maximum of 625 occupants, at the height of use, this jail held up to 2,800 prisoners—and was famous for overcrowding. Like most prisons today, the population at the Lincoln Height Jail was disproportionately made up of minorities … As with many people on the periphery of mainstream society, the stories of people who pass through the Lincoln Heights Jail tend not to be well-documented. The rich history, social hierarchy, and cultural dynamics that thrived inside its walls are mainly held in the memories of its inhabitants rather than in history books or official documents.