Galaxies Are Growing Inside Me

Galaxies Are Growing Inside Me was a summoning of life and the inevitable colliding of that which lives. It was attraction and repulsion, where creatures of the night met the light of day. Where sound was sent into concrete high rises. Wake up little crickets, and chirp towards the sun. Close your eyes human, and rest in the shade. Let yourself climb towards the sky, flip upside-down and use your fingers to trace the outline of your own shadow on the ground below.

MUSICIANS : EntertainmentHip to DeathNikki McKnight, Chris Gravely, Scott Box and Joshua LonerPERFORMANCE ARTISTS : Sara Gregory of MakeShift Circus and Marilyn Chen of Liquid Sky / INSTALLATION DESIGN : Farida Amar / PRODUCTION : Farida Amar

Photo Credit : Farida Amar

This show was a part of Unraveled Tours 2016.