Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

About the Wayfinding Installation built by Raphael Arar : This participatory installation includes a set of four electromechanical sculptures that operate in subsequent harmony and discord based on audience, performer and/or environmental impulses. Each sculpture, positioned at a Cardinal Direction, operates independently by way of a motor that strikes tensed bungee cables containing a glass orb with a glass marble. In effect, both movement and sound ensue, the latter continuously amplified by digital effects. Software manipulates and morphs the sequence at which the sculptures fire, inviting both the environment along with the participant to meddle with a sense of direction amidst time.

MUSICIANS : The Shape, Wicked ManHoofwerk and Whitney Lyman / PERFORMANCE ARTIST : Camille Grenier / INSTALLATION DESIGN : Raphael Arar and Will Michaelsen / PRODUCTION : Farida Amar

Photo Credit : Viktoria Raykova 

This show was a part of Unraveled Tours 2016.