Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

About the Wayfinding Installation built by Raphael Arar : This participatory installation includes a set of four electromechanical sculptures that operate in subsequent harmony and discord based on audience, performer and/or environmental impulses. Each sculpture, positioned at a Cardinal Direction, operates independently by way of a motor that strikes tensed bungee cables containing a glass orb with a glass marble. In effect, both movement and sound ensue, the latter continuously amplified by digital effects. Software manipulates and morphs the sequence at which the sculptures fire, inviting both the environment along with the participant to meddle with a sense of direction amidst time.

MUSICIANS : The Shape, Wicked ManHoofwerk and Whitney Lyman / PERFORMANCE ARTIST : Camille Grenier / INSTALLATION DESIGN : Raphael Arar and Will Michaelsen / PRODUCTION : Farida Amar

Photo Credit : Viktoria Raykova 

This show was a part of Unraveled Tours 2016.

Glass Will Break and Pain Will Stain

Glass Will Break and Pain Will Stain was a fragmentation of reality - the crashing down of invisible glass barriers that exist within us - and a celebration of the pain that accompanies the process of growth. The fragile nature of our basic human nature combined with the sharp edges of known dimensions. Shattering in a pattern that vibrated through the eyes and ears into the bleeding hearts of the audience, absorbing our commonalities in the negative space that is often overlooked.

MUSICIANS : Dead Leaf Echo, Monogold, Bootblacks and The Harrow / PERFORMANCE ARTIST : Nicole Battestilli / INSTALLATION DESIGN : Farida Amar / PRODUCTION : Farida Amar

Photo Credit : Farida Amar 

This show was a part of Unraveled Tours 2016.

Life & Death

MUSICIANS : Corey Pace and Truong Ta / PERFORMANCE ARTISTS : Marina Kec, Caitlin Dagle, Tess Kunik and Emma Arrick / INSTALLATION DESIGN : Marina Kec and Caitlin Dagle / ILLUSTRATION : Chris Ams / PRODUCTION : Farida Amar

▶︎ Original music composed for LIFE click here.

▶︎ Original music composed for DEATH click here.

Photo Credit : Farida Amar

This show was a part of Unraveled Tours 2015.

The Cardboard Artist

“The Cardboard Artist” is a short documentary about Calder Greenwood, an LA-based street artist who creates elaborate cardboard and paper mache installations throughout the city. Through exploring ephemeral art and coming to know one of its creators, this film reveals how there’s great beauty in realizing some things must come to an end.

Director/Editor: Matthew Kaundart
Producers: Luka Fisher & Matthew Kaundart
Co-Producers: Tim Grover, Tiffany Naiman & Ben Wiley
Creative Producers: Luka Fisher, Tim Grover, Alexis Justman, Matthew Kaundart, Anne Petrokubi, Amber Pietrzyk & Ben Wiley
Cinematography: Tim Grover & Young G. Kim
Original Music: James Regan
Sound Design: Andrew John Lee
Color: Chris Zeischegg
Additional Color: Young G. Kim
Design: Jeremy Frye & Farida Amar
72U Production Support: Maria Scileppi, Karen Oliveros & Jeremy Eichenbaum
Featuring: Calder Greenwood

Angel Lust EP Release Party

MUSICIANS : BCGs, Terminal A, Band Aparte, Egrets on Ergot, Gulag a Go-Go / DJS : Slip Fall Die, Repeated Measures, SHPR, GRN+GLD / PERFORMANCE ARTISTS : Hart Fisher / INSTALLATION DESIGN : Farida Amar / VIDEO PROJECTIONS : Melisa Dougherty / PRODUCTION : Luka Fisher, West Fuller / DOCUMENTATION : Isabella Clarke, Genevieve Munroe / SPONSORS : Cali Headwear, Brutal Bands Entertainment, Records Ad Nauseam, BETEP, DIVE or DIE

▶︎ Click here to listen to the full Angel Lust EP 

+ SHOW PHOTO DOCUMENTATION (above) : Photographed by Isabella Clarke and Genevieve Munroe


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BETEP no. 2 is a new multi-media zine by Luka Fisher and Farida Amar. The following video is an animated rendition of the zine’s mix CD. 

1) Grasshpper City—Egrets on Ergot
2) Tonight We’ll Be Gone—Terminal A
3) Kill Yourself—BCGs
4) The Other People–Chiildren
5) Sun Pierced Brain–MRK

Designed and Curated by
Luka Fisher–luka-fisher.com
Farida Amar–faridaamar.com

Featuring Work By

Terminal A—recordsadnauseam.bandcamp.com/album/pacific-water-and-power-ep
Phoenix Askani—-phoenixaskani.tumblr.com
High Creatives–highcreatives.tumblr.com
Egrets on Ergot–recordsadnauseam.bandcamp.com/album/serve-us-tender
Grace Kavanah
J. Pogue–eyeless-sockets.tumblr.com
Brennan Roach and El Vago Mago–brennanroach.com
Sheree Rose—kcet.org/arts/artbound/counties/los-angeles/sheree-rose-performance-artist.html
Robert Siegelman–robert-siegelman.tumblr.com
Christopher Zeischegg–trvewestcoastfiction.blogspot.com

Promo Photography by Bella Clarke—shotbybella.com
Motion Graphics by Anne Petrokubi–petrokubi.com

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