The Fire Keepers / Truth In Fire

Kakadu National Park, Australia, December 2021

In Kakadu National Park in northern Australia, Indigenous communities maintain the land using ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation for millennia. Such management is rare in much of the rest of the country, where the traditional ways have fractured.




Special thanks to Panavision Australia, Victor Cooper, Mandy Muir Family, Savana Eccles, Parks Kakadu.

  • Tim Georgeson, Director 
  • Zachary Peel-McGregor, DP 
  • Farida Amar, Art Director 
  • Alex Gardels, Editor 
  • Hania Rani + Humans Win, Music 
  • Peter Mellgard, Producer 
  • Mashed Heath, Producer 
  • Hayley Jonson, Producer 
  • Noble Savage Pictures, Producer 
  • INSTITUTE, Producer