In Issue 9, Sustainability, Forecast Journal presents a unique collection of work addressing anything that withstands the test of time, remains relevant, solves problems, creates legacy, and offers a capacious way to think about the world we share with other kinds of beings.

FULL COLOR | 11×15 IN. | 125 PAGES

Published March 2022


01. The Resonance of Stone by Terry Tempest Williams

02. Space Between Space by Prathima Muniyappa

03. Ecosexuality and The Sublime by Caroline Coxe

04. As Told by Bison by Brooke Williams

05. Architects of Smoke by Char Miller

06. Trans and BIPOC Mutual Aid by Li Pallas

07. How to Die a Green Death by Caylin Ellowitz

08. Fashion for the Anthropocene by Abigail Tate & Jessica Prasertsri

09. Green Conversion by Caylin Ellowitz

10. Your Body Is Their Offering by Tsering Say

11. Walking Backwards by Kythe Heller

12. Where Many Worlds Can Fit by Rodrigo Caceres

13. Paleozoic Plate Tectonics by Katy Gurin

14. Escaping the White Cube by Jeff Mark Leavitt & Caroline Huntley Coxe

Issue 8, Contemporary Folklore, presents 14 distinct worlds drawn from oral tradition, family lore, and the imaginations of contributors. This is Forecast’s first issue of entirely fiction and poetry; as always, written pieces are accompanied by original visual art.

FULL COLOR | 11×15 IN. | 123 PAGES

Published September 2021


01. Willowview by Vanessa de Horsey

02. The Symposium of Drowning by Niko Sonnberger

03. The Carrier by Pete Helvey

04. Ereshkigal’s First Visit by Jelena Markovic

05. The Pig Kill by Nicky Loomis

06. Firebird by Kythe Heller

07. Reborn Again by Daniel Smith

08. Prepare this Place for Bed; Cul de Sac; Goodnight by Jessica Scicchitano

09. Meeting In the Mangroves by Lynsey Saunders

10. Mirror, Mirror; Tribe; Kin; Clean by Elyse Cizek

11. The Hedley Kow by Anya Johnson

12. Man With a Parrot by Nicky Loomis

13. George the Raccoon by Ross Farrar

14. Amabiko by Kio Griffith

15. The Romanian Inquisitor by m. ouse

bts video from Issue 9