Introducing Unraveled Tours

Unraveled unleashes it’s inaugural tour to benefit independent musicians and visual artists across the US. 

Unraveled is a storytelling platform for independent musicians and designers, performance artists and writers, video and sound mavens and installation artists. The Unraveled Artist Community now includes 80 bands from 8 countries and 30 visual artists as well as numerous volunteers and production assistants… and 3 interns. 

This Spring we’re taking the Unraveled experience on the road. Our goal is make touring hassle free for independent musicians so they can focus on what they do best – making good music and playing killer shows. Unraveled has set up a system where local bands will be opening for touring bands in each city in an effort to introduce new music and at the same time promote the local scene. These live music shows will be accompanied by Unraveled interactive art installations and merchandise pop-up booths for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.