18 contributors, 15 musicians, 8 visual artists, 4 installations, 32 hours of audio recordings

The Canary Islands, Boston, Philadelphia + Los Angeles

Status: CLOSED


NEUROSAPIEN is a series of experiments that compress the distance between the public experience of listening and the creation process of the source, a combination of otherwise uncomplimentary musicians. The unorthodox mix of space, sound, smell, taste, and texture builds entire atmospheres that offer escape which inspire elaborate menus, fine art, and music that even the artists themselves could not produce in any other setting.

SPACE contributors Farida Amar and Gabriel Bello Diaz are lucid dreamers. And what they dreams, they build. NEUROSAPIEN employs both Farida's creative direction and Gabriel's expertise in architecture and interior design in order to construct dream worlds. These worlds were hosted in alternative art spaces in El Hierro, Boston, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles over the course of six months.

After a week of construction and preparation in each location, Gabriel and Farida invited musicians, fine artists, experimental chefs, audio engineers, photographers, and videographers whom had never met each other before, to step into the dream worlds. These guests were to remain in the space for eight hours straight, with no rules, no limitations, and no expectations. Talent, allowed to be entirely free from reality in order to respond and react as they wish. In every case, they chose to create what many have said was the best work of their lives and build meaningful friendships with strangers by communicating through their art rather than spoken conversation. In this way, NEUROSAPIEN proved to be not only a beautiful installation, but also an unconventional platform for building an artist community unafraid of expressing emotion.

After the week of construction and eight hours of creation, came twenty-four hours of production. This was when, in all four cases, we realized that the work had just begun. During this time, SPACE selected, edited, printed and installed the photography; edited, exported and installed the video work; prepared an entirely new experimental food experience for the visitors of the exhibition; mixed, exported, and installed four to five complete songs; finalized and installed the fine art; cleaned up the space (but not too much); designed, printed and installed text that would introduce and explain the project to the public; promoted the exhibition in both online and print publications and handed out flyers around the city to announce the exhibition which always remained open for one full week. SPACE contributors involved could count on two nights without sleep, tense emotions and high anxiety, all of which was worth it in the end because they knew that if they could get it all done, they would have achieved something they never would have been able to do on their own. And it was this collaborative force that drove them to completion. That, and the high they felt from the eight hours of creative flow witnessed the day prior.

Then, the exhibition opens in exactly twenty four hours from the end of the previous eight hours of creation.

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