SPACE: Between something and something else.

An international communication art collective experimenting and conducting studies on coexistence. /


SPACE is not a new concept. We are not more original, creative, or intelligent than anyone else. We do not want to redefine the way we live, understand culture, or experience the world around us. We are not special. We are not the outcasts of society. We do not hate normality. We respect the system, even if we bend the rules sometimes. We are not weird. There is nothing exceptionally unique about our lives or our history. Compared to stories we have heard of great adventure, we are not even interesting. We do not think we are worth any more than anyone else. And we are not superior or expert in any area of creation. The ambition to discover, the curiosity about life, and the desire to be accepted are all ingrained in the very nature of our human existence. To want to know, to want to find, and to want to contribute is all normal.

Humans, at their core, are wonderers. We want to know how to explain things to others. We want to experience as much as possible. We want to conquer fear. We want to feel we are not alone. SPACE is a place for people with these very normal curiosities to work together. If we ever make something really new, it means we have failed. It means we are no longer connected to the world that currently exists. We don’t want to disconnect. We want to be a part of everyday life, aware of it, and simply investigate it. We also believe that our human communities are interested in such learnings. And we know for a fact that we have an audience because everyone who hears about us or attends our events finds themselves connected. They discover deeper awareness of others and even more importantly, a deeper understanding of themselves.

We don’t want to change identities, we want to understand them. What currently exists is already beautiful and complicated enough - why recreate it? And if we ever become so enlightened that we believe we know everything, we will most likely commit suicide.



SPACE is found in the middle of everything, on every junction and intersection of life. SPACE means confronting curiosity by deconstructing categories, images and stereotypes while at the same time protecting the hearts and minds of everyone involved.

Since we opened on March 31st 2010, full time contributors who volunteer their time and talent in-between their professional and personal lives have helped power our work. SPACE is not a personal or a public experience, it is not secret or known; it is not a hobby or a job. Instead, SPACE has become a retreat for its contributors: from the routine, from the mundane, from the incessant pounding of the everyday. SPACE does not provide job descriptions, salaries, or health benefits for our contributors - officially establishing it as something separate from work, and inherently organic.

On the flip side, SPACE tries for its contributors not to disappear for too long, and it encourages them to create work that is in its essence, collaborative, which means it represents ultimate freedom for communication artists: to create without limitations in an open atmosphere, without clients or restrictions of any kind, without a budget and without bullshit. At the same time, SPACE provides the resources for its contributors to work with like minded individuals who are equally frustrated by the status quo and have a personal obsession with taking a break from the formulaic system; contributors who are hard working, incredibly talented, young and finding themselves bored by any and all concepts of traditional living. SPACE is for people who simply don’t fit in boxes.

Our work is investigative. We do not intend to make more stuff. There is enough stuff out there and consumers are shutting down because they are overwhelmed. We realized early on that rather than make MORE art and hoping for the world to digest it, we wanted to put our egos to rest and focus on understanding what already exists - something not done often enough by artists for artists. We also strive to separate the noise from the chaos by taking what already is out there and either bettering it, or filtering it for greater mass understanding.

First and foremost, SPACE is a research studio focusing on the communication arts industry. The research we are producing is being published for the sole purpose of enhancing and furthering the communication arts - meaning, that we are investigating the world and publishing our findings in order to provide a unique kind of resource and inspiration for other communication professionals to consider while producing their own work.

What makes our research relevant and necessary above & beyond what is currently being offered by market research and trend hunting companies, is that the research is being provided by communication professionals in order to better serve the work of other communication professionals. In other words, WE GET IT. Who better to influence and reinvent communication arts other than communication artists?

Up until now, the communication arts industry has relied on those interested in empirically measuring things based on statistics, psychographics, demographics, facts and figures, and charts and numbers. With SPACE, there is a new kind of basis for our work in development - a kind of structure based on the true experiences of communication artists; we strive to understand from the inside out, in order to better inform the outside world. This is about providing the foundation for true collaboration; for a visually inspiring world of research to exist within an emotional and sensory-based environment.

Newspaper is the perfect medium for us to report our work and findings since it is traditionally something experienced between work and home; between the bed and the toilet; between one metro stop and the next; between your arrival at the doctor’s office and the times it takes the doctor to actually call you in; between one meeting and the next; between one wink and another. You will see work in this newspaper that represents the open room between the here and the there, between the now and the yesterday, and the tomorrow.

We love this paper, as faded and tinted as it is. We hope you enjoy reading this in-between events in your own life and find an appreciation for all the SPACE found in between everything and everything else.

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