Investigating the spaces within public and private self-expression.

2 designers, 5 contributors, 3 installations

Occupy Wall Street Camps in Boston + New York City

Royal T art gallery in Culver City

Status: CLOSED


SPACE will build or destroy communication between strangers within both public and private spaces simultaneously. We will study the actions of the public by analyzing their reactions to site-specific installations, strategically placed in areas functioning to offer and build community. Utilizing and manipulating technology as a primary means of interaction for our investigation, we will expand and contract it's presence by using it to subvert the traditional analog formats of self expression (i.e. poetry, music, illustration, conversation, film, photography, sound, etc.)

We will create opportunities for experiential engagement situated at the juncture where one's self-projection out towards the societal framework is debated, and where the identity and role of the self is (re)interpreted by the reception of cultural and social data. We aim to amplify the layers of filtering between self and society, questioning the mind-body tactility to object, experience, perception.

We will observe how technology functions as an access-way to invisible, and yet tangible, communities. In the process we hope to inform, and possibly even transform, our understanding of self-expression and community.

Research Questions: Who are we? In public? In private? How is our consciousness affected as the boundaries of interaction between social identity and technology is explored? What are the terms of this engagement when technology is used as a conduit between private and social identity? Does the need to contribute and connect still exist even if no one knows that we are the source? Does the need increase if the origin of our output is known and traceable? How significant an affect does environment have on communication? Can technology provide better connections between the public or the private realms?

Hypothesis: People more freely express within the context of anonymity. People will still express within the context of a public sphere, virtual or concrete. People more openly contribute when the destination for one’s input is known. The operation and content of self-projection and self-expression will differ in all modes.

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